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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dalmatian Dog Portrait. Spots before my Eyes. Artist Vernita Bridges Hoyt.

Painting with Spots in front of my Eyes … 

Have I had fun painting all those spots in front of my eyes! Dalmatian spots!

a commissioned pet portrait 
oil portrait of a Dalmatian/Boxer mix
copyright Vernita Bridges Hoyt 2015

Dalmatian Dogs have Unique Spot Patterns … 

Did you know that each Dalmatian has a unique spot pattern … like a finger print? There is no making up the spots. Spots are much more than black and white. If you want the dog to be recognized, you have to get those spots in the right places along with the usual features in the face—the look in the eyes, the placement of the nose, the whiskers, the shape of the mouth, the size of the ears, etc.

I love painting Dalmatian pet portraits and getting all those spots in the right place at the right size and shape. Contact me at my blog link:  Texas Sauce Art Life

As a child, I was reprimanded for daydreaming. Today my daydreams morph into paintings. 
V. Bridges Hoyt — painting the sauce of Texas™. 

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