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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Water Lilies - Oil Painting 48 X 60 by Texas Artist Anton Zhou

This is one of my first couple of large paintings, in fact probably the biggest I've done so far on canvas, 48 X 60. I finished this work the other day, and I definitely enjoy working with such a large space because I feel a lot more free with the motion of my palette knife, and in this painting the thickness and rich colors are evident throughout. Balance and emphasis really tested my ability to create a soothing composition as I took in account the flow of light upon water and  how lilies float on a pond's surface. Since I wanted to create this effect, a large amount of gold and olive green were incorporated into the lilies to avoid transparency. To elicit the natural tendency to be unevenly distributed and at times tangled together, I included vines and polished the painting with a final touch of extra fluid oil paint splattered lightly across. With a mixture of reflective colors and a variety of palette knives, I was able to build an overall composition that I'm pleased with.

For more artwork, please visit my website at http://www.antonzhouartwork.com/

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