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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Some Days are Just Wipers

Some Days Are Just Wipers

I love what I do but sometimes things don't turn out..when I'm painting in oils, I can just wipe out the painting and start over...but today I discovered as I was practicing with Gouache that you can't do that...so the painting I started this afternoon went straight into the trash.  

Peace Be Still, oil 9x12
If you've read one of my former posts, you know that I'm taking a year off from painting for shows.  I've discovered that when you do that, (paint for shows) you lose some of yourself.  Painting for shows is stressful and I feel like I've almost gone backwards a little in my skill set.  So, this is why I'm taking a break and tying to just concentrate on learning and practicing and figuring out where I need to be going from here.  The gouache medium is part of that learning experience...because I have been wanting to try something new.  I admire my daughter who is always stepping outside the box and teaching herself new things.  She's been an inspriration...

I don't know yet where this year will take me.  I hope to post regularly...kind of a diary and journal of where this year leads. I'm trying to set some concrete goals for 2020.   If you are following along, thanks for doing so....

Perhaps you are on your own journey of some sort. If so, I'd love to hear about it....

Because today's work is in the trash, here's one previously painted...

This painting is called Peace Be Still.  I named it that because of the quiet of the day when I was out painting it.  This one was done this past May outside New Braunsfels where I was participating in a plein air event there.  

Thanks for your support!

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