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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jimmy Longacre_subjective realist landscape paintings_SUNSTRUCK 20X16

This one is an example of a game I enjoy playing. Take a plain, ordinary scene and try to find the seed of a fun painting idea in it. Then, do everything I can think of in a painting to give dramatic emphasis to that one thing_"the seed".  This is actually the guiding objective in any of my paintings.  The difference here is the humble source.  Not much to really stop for.  

Having one simple idea of what you're trying to emphasize in your painting is a great way to give your painting impact.  Let the one thing govern all your decisions about what you want to do in your painting. 

©Jimmy Longacre 2016
16x20 oil on canvas panel

Jimmy Longacre
subjective realist landscape paintings

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