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Friday, November 21, 2014

French Market Flower Quest and a Sonoma Workshop - Flower Paintings by Nancy Medina


 French Market Flower Quest
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

 French Market Flower Quest is the daily newbie in Flower Mound Studio, I needed a color burst to balance "real life" today - I attended my first jury duty calling. I was quite nervous, which seems odd, considering my mother worked in the district clerk's office for almost 20 years. Something about the thought of being asked my name and my job by a judge with the power to send me to jail had me all in a tizzy. But I must say, it made me reflect on something rather profound - I was about to say, under oath, the following words:

I am an artist

How wonderful is that? There is something life affirming, color affirming, art journey affirming, about that moment under oath. The truth, your honor, and nothing but the truth. What happened? Read more....


Paint Brilliant Sonoma

May 29-31, 2015

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